Blueprint30 Allies with Non-Profit to Help At-Risk Youth Find Meaningful Employment

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Jacksonville, FL, Mar. 7, 2024Blueprint30, a Jacksonville organization dedicated to assisting the community through virtual and in-person career training and placement, has joined forces with the Department of Justice-sponsored non-profit Partnership for Child Health (The Partnership). The Partnership has been a community leader for over 30 years, systematically providing Jacksonville youth with training, direct services, programs, and care systems that have significantly improved child health outcomes in the community. 

This exciting alliance between Blueprint30 and the Partnership for Child Health represents an unwavering commitment to addressing the challenges facing our at-risk youth. By leveraging the resources, information, and network between both organizations, this initiative seeks to provide young people in Jacksonville with the education, tools, access, and connections to find immediate employment and career exploration. 

Blueprint30 plans to leverage its technological connections and community resources to supply at-risk youth with immediate employment, empowering them with life–changing career opportunities. Blueprint30 owner and CEO Daniel Clark is thrilled to pursue this partnership and make a significant impact on at-risk children in the Jacksonville community. Clark hopes the alliance with the Partnership of Child Health will open the door for future opportunities to advance Community benefits and promote child health outcomes in Jacksonville.

“We are excited to be able to find software that is available for some of our most at-risk students!” – Dr. Waytowich, Executive Director for Partnership of Child Health. 

Blueprint30 is eager to join forces with the Partnership for Child Health in the shared mission to help break the cycle of the most at-risk youth and children in our community. This partnership builds on blueprint30’s vision to equip local churches and communities with ministers and workers who will make a significant difference in the Jacksonville area. 

As a leader in the Jacksonville community, the team at blueprint30 recognizes our responsibility to partner with local churches, Jacksonville nonprofits, charities, and organizations that make a positive impact on the, particularly those most vulnerable. By allying with the partnership for child health, Blueprint 30 hopes to see real change in the outcomes of our children. 

About Blueprint30: 

Introducing Blueprint30, Jacksonville’s pioneering software for career development. Their clients range from local non-profits, schools, and businesses, where they are transforming professional growth with their innovative “earn while you learn” platform. Students embark on a dynamic journey like resume building and mock interviews, earning points for discounts on local goods and services. At Blueprint30, they are reshaping the narrative of career advancement, fostering meaningful connections and empowering individuals to thrive in a dynamic workforce.

About The Partnership for Child Health: 

From the PCH website: Over the past three decades, the Partnership for Child Health (the Partnership) has evolved as a uniquely successful trans-disciplinary Center of Excellence to advocate for and develop and implement training, direct services, programs, and systems of care which have significantly improved the child health outcomes and priorities of our community.