How we started

After serving nearly a decade in the non profit world, your founder Daniel Clark saw hundreds of students not have confidence in their college and career choices. Knowing that he could not reach every student on his own, he knew that software had to be the answer. Starting off connecting christian college and high school students to their career, Daniel and the team saw that at risk students were being left out. Blueprint30 has now grown to offer a fully subversive career software to help every student no matter if they attend a college prep school or apart of juvenile prevention program.



Blueprint30 is created and makes its first university and high school connections.


Blueprint30 continues to grow with in person career. Behind the scenes begins to create a software that will assist students.


BP30 begins to partner with its first business network clients.


Blueprint30 makes some of its first non profit clients. Adding a new arm of the company that we honestly didn’t see coming.